WIX Campaign


In the summer of 2014 I was asked, along with 13 graphic designers to suggest a concept in the spirit of "Do it yourself", a campaign the company was about to launch. The campaign will take place in the form of a landing page and is meant to deliver the fun of making a landing page on one's own.

Key contributions

  • Concept

  • UI 

The concept

I began with notions of "do it yourself" and craft:​

  • Craft happens with Available materials 

  • Creative process can happen independently or together

  • Basic, unsophisticated execution

  • Navigate away from perfection - there is room for mistakes

  • Working with the medium's limitations

Landing (page) and departing terminology.

Thoughts about landing and navigation

Amelia Earhart, the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic finally landed in an unknown location.  Story tells us that the important thing was not the place she landed at but the landing itself. 

Miriam Webster dictionary defines landing as "A going or bringing to a surface (such as land or shore) after a voyage or flight", Emphasising the voyage, the journey as an inseparable particle of the landing. Landing means arriving to a land, probably after a long journey on a not-land - the sky, the ocean or the air. The land was marked as an ending point of a journey. It was set as a target and decided upon. 

In the chaotic ocean of the internet however, navigating aimlessly or purposefully is a constant adventure; I capitalised on ideas of deviation into unplanned space, like a paper airplane for example. 

Apart from modes of transportation, my idea revolved around the simplicity of paper-craft in the context of Wix’s existing visual language; putting boats and airplanes aside, there were other forms of simple crafts to consider:

  • Paper cut outs

  • simple, basic colours

  • notebook sketching 

  • sticks and stones

  • imagination 

  • paper folds (origami)

Having these simple forms of craft in  mind, I turned back to the visual language of Wix to try and see how they look like when combined together. 

Early ideas

Design proposal

Going back to older landing pages of Wix I then released that they had a characteristic I was missing in my sketches: to enhance the idea of simplicity and solid materials, Wix was often using full screen folds which divide the different sections both contextually and visually.

While the text speaks about the process of building a website, it is backed up by visuals which show the process of building an origami figure. I chose images that contain hands so that the manual actions will echo the technological terminology.

This move serves the effect of bringing a technological action to the arts and crafts world, and thus reflect the values mentioned in this design's concept.

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