TLVFest, Tel Aviv’s International LGBT Film Festival is an annual event held in June at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque. The festival offers public screenings of independent and commercial films, meetings with local and foreign filmmakers, panel discussions and special events. TLVfest also serves to promote and endorse tolerance and pluralism in Israel.


I joined the staff of TLVFest as a graphic designer in the summer of 2010 and was later promoted to the position of Art Director, supervising the festival’s visual appearance. 

Running for 13 years the festival has produced several logos:

While I had Carte Blanche in terms of design, where I combined photography, painting or illustration, the sole caveat was that the program cover should display an androgynous figure, which we considered relevant to our target audience of men, women, trans and gender-fluid people.


This Suede album cover from 1993 was the foundation for the first festival cover I made in 2010

That year’s illustration opened a tradition of illustrated covers to follow, always displaying an androgenic person on the cover:

The merman was a kappa cut-out hung on an invisible string, and was placed on a surface composed of real beach sand with Christmas lights buried in it, which created a visible shimmering effect through the glass window.

In 2014 we felt it was time to shift the cover design from illustration to photography, with Nona Challant, a fashionista drag artist as the androgynous cover image.

I did the photography myself and Nona brought her unique style.

We continue to feature iconic trans figures from the community as TLVFest presenters 


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