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'Sisters Give a Hand' is an app allowing women of all ages to reach out to one another and give and receive assistance in everyday tasks.

This app allows women of all ages to reach out to one another and give and receive assistance in everyday tasks. The target audience for this app is women who are most likely immigrants to a new city, and/or are new to the city and therefore usually lack available help.

The concept suggests 2 user groups:

1. The "sister" - a casual user who belongs to the target audience mentioned above

2. The "professional sister" to this user group belongs to women who will offer professional services to the first user group, with fixed prices that will be published on the app.


The showcase displayed here is of the first user group, the sister, a woman, who can use and give help, but not on a professional level.

User research - who are our users?

I interviewed six women ages 34-64 and got a clear understanding of their frustrations. I was interested to know what do they actually do in a real scenario, and what would be a possible solution, from their point of view. I found that most of them use the same friend over and over again, and feel uncomfortable about it. sometimes they would post on Facebook, but it involved some embarrassment. 

Ideally, they said, calling for free help would be just like calling an Uber:

"I always feel like I am asking too many favors from my friends, especially since moved here. When ou are new in town, you are lucky if you even have one person to ask a favor from"

"I was the happiest person on earth when I found out I got the flat, but with my two buddies out of town I had no idea how as I going to do this!"

Personas and Empathy map

Defining the problem and "how might we" questions

How might we questions

How might we connect two people who with their combined skills can be useful to one another?

How might we encourage complete strangers to help each other out?

How might we encourage suitable professionals directly into the focus of their target audience?

Ayala needs a way to get free help in moving her flat because her two close friends are out of town and she can't pay for it or do it alone.

We believe that by using a community app for women that give and receive assistance to and from each other we will achieve a situation where being an independent woman more accessible and easy.