Product Roadmap Workshop


Product audience: In-house product team

Assignment: Deliver workshop to plan work for the upcoming quarter

Key contributions

  • Workshop planning

  • Facilitation

  • Documentation

Expected outcomes

  • Prioritised list of product initiatives.

  • Responsibilities for product managers to initiatives and user groups.

Background and Challenges 

In preparation of Q3/2019, the design team was asked by the FinCompare COO to facilitate a workshop for the product team. Team members included Product Managers, CRM, Business Intelligence and Design. The motivation was to address the following issues:

  1. Priorities and responsibilities of product initiatives were in need of further clarification.

  2. Definition of scope was missing for some product initiatives.

  3. The level of shared understanding within the product team was in need of some improvement.

Workshop exercises

Based on the assignment, the workshop was planned to deliver additional value on the following topics:

  1. "User focus": Enhance focus on user needs and call attention to the context and position of features within the users' journey.

  2. "Start where we are": Include existing epics which have already been prepared and provide some space for new ideas.

  3. "Alignment": Expose all initiatives to the entire product team and gather everybody's feedback on and priorities.

  4. "Responsibilities": Define responsibilities transparently, per user group.

These are the exercises we held in the workshop:


Two teams, four journeys

The product team was split into two sub-teams, each taking care of two different user groups. Each team was tasked to define the major steps for each experience with the goal to create a user journey map. Further detail was added by including detail steps. 

The exercise was designed to deliver on workshop principles 1"User focus" & 2 "Start where we are".


Adding epics

The teams received printouts of planned initiatives and asked to incorporate them into the journey map. 

Each team was presented with all the initiatives to make sure everybody encountered the full scope of the coming quarter. Consequently, each team was asked to hand over initiatives to the other team. This made sure all initiatives double-checked and assigned appropriately.

This exercise was designed to deliver on principle 2 "Start where we are" & 3 "Alignment".




The teams were invited to take a gallery walk and inspect the work of the other team. Feedback regarding scope, risk or dependencies was provided via sticky notes.

This exercise was designed to deliver on workshop principle 3 "Alignment".


Discussion and respons-aibilities

The final agenda item was used to discuss the feedback provided in the previous step, including dependencies between topics as well as associated risks.

Eventually, responsibilities for user groups and respective journeys were split among the product managers.

This exercise was designed to deliver on workshop principle 4 "Responsibilities".


  • Prioritised list of product initiatives.

  • Assigned product managers to initiatives and user groups.

  • Clarification of rationale, scope and risks by the entire product team.

  • Improvement of shared understanding of ca. 40 topics.

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