Design responsibilities
  • UI 
  • Prototype



Mediscan is an app for finding doctors, as well as ordering medicines door to door, scheduling diagnostic tests or having an online evaluation.

Design brief, based on prior research

The app should be intuitive and organic as possible, as well as clear and clean in order to be used by users who are not always in good medical condition.

The challenge: It contains a questionnaire to be filled in by the user, which must be designed in a way that would not exhaust them despite a large number of questions.

These features were designed as a first iteration based on given research and assumptions:

Flexible search bar: The user can either use the search bar to search for information about an illness or browse the categories suggested below it.

Accessible answers: The F.A.Q section is immediately visible, as it was given in the brief that it is known that users ask many questions in healthcare-related products.

The user can scroll down for more detailed information, including information about the doctors who work with this service.

Include reviews for a tighter trust connection:

Reviews can be swiped by, horizontally. The user can enter either read them briefly or click to enter a more detailed review section.

Purchase flow

Scan prescription flow

Answering the medical questionnaire is exhausting and time-consuming. Therefore, previously inserted data fields can remain prepopulated if the user selected to enable information saving.

Once this feature is enabled, only the relevant folds of the accordion menu will open. Questions that demand no necessary attention will remain hidden and will remain there as long as the user ID does not change.

Closing the process

I chose to use a stepper is added to indicate progress. Once the final step is completed, the user receives a success message and a clarification regarding the next steps. S/he is invited to complete the task of updating their profile. 

A scroll down read is available again like on the home screen. Assuming that the user will look for more material on the medical personnel, they can scroll down to read about the doctors, followed by the F.A.Q section. This assumption is based on taking the next step under consideration: the user is waiting to hear approval from the doctor, a person they will be meeting.