Creating human centric products

I am a product designer/user researcher based in Berlin. I transitioned to be a 'product person' after 6 years of working in the visual design field, as an art director and graphic designer.


I made this change whilst discovering the value of researched based design, and was rapidly taken by the impact that data driven decisions have on product quality. I still keep an archive for my visual design works, and am always happy to hear about unordinary projects I may be able to contribute to.


My biggest benefit as a product person is being an active member in a cross functional team, as well as having the opportunity to facilitate workshops - advantages which became my new found imperative.


Personal Projects

My first UX project was Sisters Give a Hand, an App I wish I had when I moved to Berlin. Facing my own struggle as a woman immigrating alone I came up with the concept of a social network connecting between women in the city.

When I am not solving wicked problems at work, I am probably drawing something. You are welcome to visit my Instagram page for personal works, or take a deeper dive into my art on my artist page which is well hidden on this website.

You can find me on linkedin or write me an email.

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