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About Me


I am a ux | ui | product designer based in Berlin, with an ever growing passion for human centred design.

Here is a little on how I got here: shortly after graduating in Communication Design, I opened a boutique branding studio in Tel Aviv called Pere-Adam  (savage in English), which specialised in building a visual identity for clients in the field of culture. In these 5 magical years I worked with over 30 small to medium businesses, designing logos and marketing materials, as well as music albums and fashion and art catalogues in both online and print productions. The studio was known for it's bespoke designs, where I was freely employing my artistic skills in a way that suited each project. These range from computer graphics to photography, illustration and stop motion animation- forms of visual communication which I still enjoy doing until this day.

Discovering user experience design in 2015 was for me one step further into fully embracing the point of view of  the user, an anchor which lead me to focus on product design applying Design Thinking method, including empirical testing tools.

In my free time I collaborate on a number of documentary projects and am a member of several selection committees;

I watch and review film submissions for the Feminist Film Festival in Berlin and for the LGBT Film Festival in Tel Aviv.

In the literature field I lector for Matar Publishing House in the fiction novels category.

 Contact: drop me a note at or connect with me on linkedin.

 My personal work can be found on my instagram.